Darrell S. Nixon's Published Works - Axe Murder in Ferry-Hill near Durham, 1682


axe murder in ferry-hill near durham, 1682


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Synopsis (Back Cover)

Over 300 years ago, Ferryhill, an obscure town in the south of County Durham, played host to one of the most horrid and tragic murders in the county's history. A farm servant murdered the three children of his master in cold blood with an axe. It was described in a London print as the "most Horrid and Barbarous Murder that ever was heard of in the North or elsewhere.

There was no motive for the crime, and nothing in the murderer's character to suggest that such an event could take place, and yet in his later confession, the perpetrator said that he acted only under the "suggestion of the enemy" - The Devil.

For the first time since the murders, all of the evidence leading up to, at the time of, and after the event is collected together as one of the most intriguing investigations into this sad and macabre event, and lays bare some interesting information that have never been known to the public before.

What is unique about this book:

  • Contains a possible new motive as to why the murders happened, and a never before revealed correlation between the murdered children and the date of their murder.
  • Contained a transcript of an original 1876 play about the murder - never before published - which was well received and had packed theatres in the North of England during its run in the 19th Century.

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