THE Great Fire of darlington, in the bishopric of durham, 1585

An Elizabethan mystery

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Synopsis (Back Cover)

Friday 7th May 1585.  
In the small suburban town of Darlington, in the Bishopric of Durham, its residents were waking up to another hot and sultry day.  A drought had been upon them for days, and as they looked up from their chamber-windows, they could see that the heavens were cast in dark crimson shades.  God was angry.    
Little were they prepared for His vengeance for when at noon, that same day, their beloved town would be set ablaze, as if 'sent by heaven' itself...  

What is unique about this book:

  • When a terrible disaster happens, which involved the loss of 275 homes in the matter of only two hours, who is to blame: man or God?  The Elizabethans strongly believed in the power of an ethereal force, but perhaps now, we may final reveal the real culprit.
  • The fire of Darlington is a pre-warning to the Great Fire of London, 81 years later in 1666, but if man cannot learn his lesson then, what can he do about it now?

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