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Synopsis (Back Cover)

From the 'Demonic County Durham' author of 'Axe Murder in Ferry-Hill near Durham, 1682' and 'The Vengeful Spirit of Lumley & Willington near Durham, 1630', comes the final book of this terrifying trilogy...
15 November 1641.     

Margaret Hooper returns home to the small hamlet of Edmundbyers, following an errand for her ill husband; her mind was troubled.  It would seem that she had come into contact with someone or something that had vexed her on her journey and she would continue with her agitation until she went to bed.  

This would start a very frightening demonic visitation and possession to be ever recorded in County Durham.  It would be her family's belief in God and a miraculous intervention that would finally save her from the evil that tormented her.    

Welcome to Hell...

What is unique about this book:

  • This book deals with an event which many believe is true.  It is only when you discover that the exact circumstances have happened before, then we realised that perhaps not all tales were truthful ones, but then again, are they?
  • The original story of the demonic creature was so powerful, that even William Shakespeare took inspiration from it for one of his plays, but which one?

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