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THE fair maiden's secret

the first ghost at willington mill, 1630

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Synopsis (Back Cover)

Since the nineteenth century, it was rumoured that the area purchased by the Proctor family at Willington Quay, near Newcastle, had been haunted for many years before they built a mill on the land.  Little did those people know that those rumours would turn out so true.

Two hundred years prior, in the year of 1630, upon Saint Thomas Day, four days before Christmas, a miller was working hard within the walk-mill at Willington, whereupon he was startled by a visit of a ghostly woman, her clothes were a stunning white, her face was covered by a blooded veil, who told him that he must seek out the man responsible for her death - a man living in Lumley, many miles away, in the County of Durham.  The apparition said that she would continuously haunt him until he did what he was told.  From that most singular moment, the old miller's quest to discover more of why he was being so dreadfully haunted and the circumstances of his visitor's death, would eventually lead him into something more powerful that neither he nor anyone afterward could possibly imagine...

The Fair Maiden's Secret.

This book is the novel section from the book 'The Vengeful Spirit of Lumley & Willington Near Durham, 1630'.

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